About SmokeTheFish.com

Norwegian Salmon Trout

Hi There!

My name is Eli and son of a Smoked Fish connoisseur with over 30 years of industry experience. I started SmokeTheFish.com as a passion for curing, smoking, and processing fish. It has been something I have learned to do and appreciate from a young age, and has become the majority of my life over the last few years.

The goal of SmokeTheFish.com is to bring people together and build a community about something that is becoming a hot trend in the food industry. Smoking and smoking technology is at an all time high and doesn’t seem to be slowing. Here we will explore the many trends of the smoked fish industry, the process and techniques of curing, smoking, and processing fish, and the technology and science behind the techniques.

I hope you are here to stay as we grow this community together. I’ll do my best to constantly update you with excellent content, progress photos of new recipes, and any new ideas and techniques for smoking fish.

Thank you for your time and welcome to the community!